In my life the dimension of dreams has always been intertwined with art: in 1983, when I moved to Damanhur, I created many of the stained glass windows present in the Temples of Humankind, the extraordinary underground spiritual work of art made by Damanhurians, famous all over the world. For seven years I was elected to hold the role of one of the two Damanhur Guides, responsible for the coordination and development of the entire Federation. Later I was responsible for the Federation's Public Relations with external researchers, sociologists and filmmakers interested in understanding and portraying the social and spiritual experience of Damanhur. Today I am a damanhurian Ambassador in the world, a writer and teacher in the field of the Arts and the Dreams. I live in a tree house built around the trunks of three beautiful oaks along with Gorilla Eucalyptus, my husband, and Tempesta, our four-legged companion!